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May 29
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John Silva Smudge Pack 2.0 (Painterly Edition) by JohnSilva John Silva Smudge Pack 2.0 (Painterly Edition) by JohnSilva
PHOTOSHOP ONLY (sorry brah's). 

Edit: I've done a live demo on how I use this smudge set and how the smudge tool behaves, the video will be put up in a couple of days on my new YouTube channel here: , keep your eyes peeled!

By popular demand, you guys wanted more, so here's more 27 smudge brushes.
I created these brushes from scratch (Apart from 3 of them, sorry for not saying who, I just don't remember) due to the fact that I want to take my work have a more painterly feel..
Most of you know that I use smudge tool 90% of the time in my paintings, so this only made sense.

If you share these around, please make sure to put my DA link along with it, these took a lot of time to make and refine.

(I will make a youtube video on how I personally use them in my professional work, I'll edit this section out with a link to it when I'm done.)

Have fun!

Quick Tip's on how to use it:
- Put the smudge tool strength on 100%
- Apart from the top 3 brushes, for the most part if you want a nice texture, try to only tap with you tablet pen when using a smudge brush, the random setting will create a better mark of the texture.
- It works best in contrasty areas of your painting

How to load it:
- Right click on a canvas.
- Click on the cog wheel icon (or arrow depending on the PS ver.) .
- Select load brushes.
- Pick John Silva Smudge Pack Painter Edition.abr file.
- ???.
- Painterly profit! 
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